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Not because we love them, but because they’re there

Not because we love them, but because they’re there

At the same time, Nixon stressed, “But we must have in mind, and they must be prepared for the fact, that there will continue to be a step-by-step, a more normal relationship with the other-the Chinese mainland

President Nixon responded to Premier Zhou’s invitation to visit China and as a preliminary step to send Henry Kissinger to Beijing. Nixon told Zhou that Kissinger was authorized to discuss all issues pertaining to Nixon’s own visit. Nixon told Zhou that strict secrecy was essential. He wrote that Kissinger would be able to discuss a joint communique about the Nixon visit. Click here to read the document.

President Nixon spoke by phone with Walter McConbassador to Taiwan. Nixon told McConaughy to, “Just say that we, that our-as far as the Republic of China is concerned that we have-we know who our friends are. And we are continuing to continue our close, friendly relations with them.” Nixon explained that the U.S. would not support throwing Taiwan out of the United Nations, but he said there was no way to prevent Taiwan from losing the Security Council seat. Because our interests require it. ” Nixon noted the Taiwan government had just sent a nice wedding gift for his daughter. He said that if he were in their situation, he wouldn’t worry about staying in the UN: “I would just say the hell with the UN. What is it anyway? It’s a damn debating society. What good does it do?” Nixon went on to say that the Chinese, if they had a decent system of government, would be an economic powerhouse. (State Department, Office of the Historian)

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